Two Firm Names

Why do we have two different firms with two different names?

A number of clients have inquired why we have formed two different law firms with the same attorneys. Specifically, there is Hornstine Law, LLC in Pennsylvania and Hornstine & Vanderslice, LLC in New Jersey. The reason is quite simple. As a retired Judge of the Superior Court in New Jersey, Lou Hornstine must adhere to the Guidelines on the Practice of Law by Retired Judges. These regulations are promulgated by the Supreme Court of New Jersey and apply to all retired state jurists. Under the restrictions in New Jersey, Lou’s name “may appear on the letterhead, on the office door, but not in the firm name.” It is for this reason that the New Jersey law firm has a different name with Lou Hornstine designated as ‘of counsel’ to that firm. See Guideline 1. Additionally, Lou may not serve as the attorney in any contested matter in any state court or administrative proceeding in New Jersey. Regarding state court proceedings in New Jersey, Lou may prepare office work and pleadings; however his name cannot appear on any filed papers. See Guidelines 2 and 4. Lou may be actively involved in New Jersey state matters so long as there is full compliance with the Guidelines. Additionally, Lou continues his active legal practice in all facets in Federal Court in New Jersey and in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. See Guideline 6.

Hornstine Law, LLC – Serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey

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