Estate Planning and Probate

Estate Planning and Probate

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences that people face in their lives. However, preparation in advance of this event can simplify and ease the grieving process for the ones left behind. Our attorneys work with clients to create an estate plan which can streamline the administration of an estate.

People work hard to provide for their loved ones; but after death, a person can no longer express their wishes. By taking the active steps to draft an estate plan, a person can ensure that their loved ones know their final requests.  This guidance provided by an estate plan can assist with maintaining familial harmony and minimizing potential disputes. For example, in one case, family members required litigation to determine what to do with the deceased remains when they were unable to reach a consensus. Our attorneys are available to draft the necessary documents to prevent this type of conflict and other conflicts that may arise.

There are many additional issues that arise when an estate plan is not present that can lead to a complex and drawn out process. Without an estate plan, state law governs distribution of your assets. The default rules and intestacy statutes provide a small amount of predictability with respect to the disposition of your assets.  However, navigating intestacy can be much more costly and increase the possibility of disputes among loved ones. We provide comprehensive and efficient estate plans that alleviate some of the suffering, while carrying out your final wishes.

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, our attorneys can assist you through the complex probate process that is highly time sensitive. Our attorneys help you through this difficult time by guiding you through all the necessary steps and resolving issues before critical deadlines pass.  We are there for you in your time of need throughout the entire process.

Our Mission

Whether it’s to simplify probate, avoid probate, direct the disposition of your estate, or achieve a tax efficient estate plan, our attorneys will help you achieve that goal. We draft healthcare surrogacies, living wills, last will and testaments, and trusts with supporting documents. These documents are often useful while you’re still alive as well. We also handle probate matters by drafting the necessary documents to open the probate process, and see it through with you until the estate is closed.

Our Services

We will assist you by:

      • Choosing the right estate planning option based on the  nature and extent of your assets, and your estate planning goals.
      • Drafting all necessary documents and explain them to you whether it is your will, healthcare surrogacy, trust, or living will.
      • Navigating you through the probate process by drafting and filing all the appropriate documents to ensure a thorough and expeditious estate administration.

Contact Our Office

To set up a free initial consultation, contact our office by e-mail or for assistance in Pennsylvania and New York call our office at 215-568-4968, for assistance in New Jersey call our office at 609-523-2222, and for assistance in Florida, call our office at 727-538-4178. Evening and weekend meetings can be scheduled at your request.

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