Traffic Court


When you receive a traffic citation or a drunk driving charge, it is not just a simple matter. A conviction can cost you more than the initial fine. You could face points on your license, revocation of your license, increased insurance premiums, or a variety of other issues. The prospect of going to court to defend yourself means that you will be involved in a legal proceeding against a police officer that knows how to properly present a case. If you are facing a DUI charge or other traffic ticket, you don’t have to face the officer alone. Call our office to have one of our experienced attorneys meet with you to prepare your defense. You are entitled to many protections under the law. Let us make sure that you get the protections you deserve.

At the law offices of Hornstine Law, LLC, in Philadelphia, we represent individuals and companies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We bring decades of legal experience, including more than 20 years of judicial experience, to bear on every case we handle. We take an aggressive stance on behalf of our clients but always strive to offer an environment where you can relax, confident that we are taking care of all your legal concerns. We are committed to treating all our clients the way we would want to be treated if our roles were reversed.

To arrange an appointment with an experienced Traffic Court Attorney, contact us online or call us at 215-568-4968 (in New Jersey at 609-523-2222 or in Florida at 727-538-4178). Your first meeting is free of charge. Our office locations are conveniently located in Philadelphia, PA, Wildwood, NJ, Marlton, NJ, and Clearwater, FL.

Our Mission

It is our goal to assist the drivers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in mitigating the consequences of a traffic citation. We strive to meet the needs of our clients and ensure that they are treated with patience and respect. It is important to us that our clients are fairly represented in these matters.

Our Services

We will assist clients with the following services:

    • Consultation and representation regarding driving under the influence (DUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI), refusal of a breathalyzer test, speeding tickets or other traffic citations.
    • Assistance with loss of license, license restoration, and driving while suspended.
    • Representation on traffic appeal matters.
    • Representation on driving without insurance matters.
    • Consultation and representation on vehicular homicide cases.

Contact Our Office

To set up a free initial consultation, contact our office online or for assistance in Pennsylvania and New York call our office at 215-568-4968, for assistance in New Jersey call our office at 609-523-2222, and for assistance in Florida, call our office at 727-538-4178. Evening and weekend meetings can be scheduled at your request. Our Philadelphia office is located within easy access from PATCO and SEPTA.


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